Executive Committee

It is with the tremendous help of volunteers that our institution is able to function and those who make the commitment to serve on the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees take on an enormous amount of work load. We would like to thank them for their on-going support and efforts to make our Guru Ghar a place for all to enjoy.

List of Executive Committee Members 2017

Mr. Balihar Singh Dhillon


(403) 280-5355

(403) 461-0004

Mrs. Rajanjeet K. Sawhney

Sr. Vice President

(403) 702-0955

Mr. Ranjit Singh Jadir


(403) 273-9373

(587) 433-9373

Mr. Surjit Singh

Joint Secretary

(403) 560-0189

(403) 275-2361

Mr. Rashpal Singh Sandhu


(403) 835-1932

Mr. Manohar Singh Dhanjal

Joint Treasurer

(403) 235-0862

Mr. Gagandeep Singh Issar

Vice President

(403) 462-5947

Mr. Sohan Singh Gahir

Vice President

(403) 815-3464

Mr. Malkiat Singh Dullat

Vice President

(403) 295-9291