Punjabi School Classes

  • Primary Classes (Preschool & Sri Akal Takhat Ji)
  • Intermediate Classes (Sri Hazur Sahib, Sri Damdama Sahib and Sri Keshgarh Sahib Ji)
  • Advanced Class (Sri Patna Sahib Ji)

Gurbani Santhia classes

by Guru Nanak Punjabi School

At Sikh Society of Calgary, Guru Nanak Centre, 739 81 Street SW Calgary Santhia classes are held on every Sunday in School house From 1:00pm to 2:00pm

These classes are meant for adults who want to learn Shudh path (correct reading) of Gurbani and understand Sikhism with reference to:-

  • Basic Gurmat theology & philosophy
  • Sikh way of life (code of conduct)
  • Comparative study of the Sikh faith with other Religions.

The sincere Gurmat seekers are requested to join these classes.They will be free to share their personal views about Gurmat with other satsangees.